Built for Student Success at Schools & Universities

Superior Insights

Use behavioural badges and performance reports to evaluate pupils, and create convenient profiles for both students and teachers.

Early Access

Obtain student data at any time and from any location, Easily manage the complete student directory, Preserve and update student data

Across All Systems, Across All Devices

Placement Management, Student Management, Admin & HR Management, Placement Management and many other features are available in this system

Digitizing your school for better academic performance

Empowers teachers, parents, and management for efficient school administration with innovative easy to use technology solutions.

One System, One Dashboard

Help You Manage Classrooms, Services & Facilities for All Your Campuses


Updates to the Accounts Receivable and automatically generated bills.Automates departmental labour processes at the university. Make the school/university paper and money-light.


Users can manage a variety of HR-related duties, such as updating personal and other information, leave applications, payroll information, managing training, travel, and attendance, among other things.
HR administrators may find self-service platforms to be time-saving.


It makes sure that every action and its associated procedure is efficient and effective.
To have a profitable impact on education, an institution must operate in this way.
Tracking the institution's financial performance also involves undertaking tasks like monitoring accounts, payables, and receivables.

Why you need school management system to manage your daily HR Processes?

  • Bring Punctuality in an organization!
  • Eliminate email based information exchange and approval by providing direct web access to individual employee
  • Get quick access of employee data and information
  • Auditable expense reimbursement to employees other than salary
  • Accurate and handy salary analytics
  • Easy payroll management
  • Customized attendance report

Save 80% of your time and resources through online admission!

Forget the days of wasting 100s of hours sorting admission forms and digitizing data to generate merit list

  • 100% Papreless and Cashless process!
  • Custom form creation
  • Quick and Easy setup and processes
  • CRM to manage all the inquiry forms & data
  • Better experience to parents

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