Lead Management System provides the following features

Lead Management & Tracking Software

Centralize all your lead records in one unified database, enabling seamless access, comprehensive tracking, and efficient management of potential opportunities throughout the sales cycle.

Contact & Lead Management

Add company and contact records, automatically log sales activities, and effortlessly maintain up-to-date records. Review every interaction with contacts and utilize this data to develop campaigns that drive more deals to closure.

Pipeline Management

Add deals to your CRM with a single click, assign tasks to drive deals forward, and monitor progress in your dashboards.

Contact & Company Insights

Equip your sales team with actionable insights by automatically retrieving company details from our extensive database of over 20 million businesses.

All-in-One Lead Management Tool


Increase the number of prospects who become customers by employing tailored and automated targeted emails, SMS, calls, and follow-ups.


To empower your team to focus on sales and surpass quotas, efficiently track contacts, deals, sales activity, and conversations in real-time.


Eliminate monotonous tasks.
Create automatic cadences and reusable sales playbooks to empower your representatives into cash-generating machines.

Make the most of your field force efforts

Whether it's sales, collections, orders, or services, Happisales enables your field executives to log data effortlessly. Our software is meticulously designed for ease of use, simplifying tasks for your field force and facilitating swift communication.

  • Track the real-time journey of all your field executives.
  • Receive push notifications based on activities and tasks performed in the field.
  • Utilize the tool even without internet access.
  • Gain valuable customer insights.

Create a pleasant, and uplifting work culture

Happisales acknowledges the contributions of field executives by recognizing their personal achievements and notifying their respective team leads. Our software enhances visibility for the field force, enabling them to learn and perform better.

  • Recognize and celebrate individual achievements.
  • Set incentives to motivate performance.
  • Provide insights on individual standings within the team based on targets.
  • Offer personalized reports and feedback for continuous improvement.

Zavoly - Your All-in-One Content Managem

If you're looking for a comprehensive solution for your web development needs, Zavoly is an excellent choice. Developed by Blueferns Technologies, this custom content management system offers a range of features to help businesses create and manage their website content with ease. One of the key features of Zavoly is its drag-and-drop page builder, which allows businesses to easily design their website pages without requiring any technical expertise. Additionally, Zavoly offers SEO optimization tools to help businesses improve their search engine rankings and attract more traffic to their site. Zavoly also provides integrated analytics, allowing businesses to track their website performance and make data-driven decisions to optimize their content. With its user-friendly interface and all-in-one solution, Zavoly is a great choice for businesses of all sizes looking for a powerful web development tool.

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