Why is domain protection important?

Your domain name is the center of your web presence. Without proper domain protection, any successful business can be at risk for phishing and cybersquatting.

Phishing websites may use a variation of your domain name to lure unsuspecting consumers into giving away their personal information. Bad actors can even spoof your email addresses to trick customers.

Simple, Secure Domain Management

Automate your domains with our API.

  • Guaranteed 100% uptime, keeping your sites "live" on a 24x7 basis
  • Over-provisioned capacity to prevent successful DDoS attacks
  • Strategically placed points of presence for highly responsive DNS resolution
  • Multi-layered security measures and countermeasures that defend your resources against malicious attacks
  • Knowledgeable, 24/7 customer support through Blueferns's dedicated DNS team
  • Unlimited scalability

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