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Smart POS & ERP Solutions

Streamlined operations, enhanced productivity, and improved overall customer experience.

Uninterrupted fast billing

Delighted shoppers with quicker checkout experiences.

Omni-Channel eCommerce

Seamless shopping experience from the initial touchpoint to the final one.



Sell in-person, online, or remotely. Accept secure payments from customers, clients, and beyond.

Inventory Management

Maintain optimal inventory levels to minimize wastage and ensure products are consistently available when needed.


Effectively oversee your team with integrated scheduling, timecards, and full-service payroll, all conveniently housed in one centralized location.

How does a POS system work?

The modern-day cash register, known as a point of sale system or POS, is a comprehensive hardware and software solution utilized by various businesses to facilitate sales transactions.
Smart POS systems offer more than just credit card acceptance. They provide valuable insights into business operations, aiding in business growth. With Payanywhere, access to these insights is available through our proprietary Payanywhere point of sale app and Payments Hub, ensuring secure and convenient management through our online merchant portal.

Fast and secure payments.

Partner with a trusted merchant services provider like POS for lightning-fast payment processing, with transaction approvals in seconds. Benefit from the latest in PCI-compliant encryption and tokenization, along with flexible pricing options tailored to your needs.
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