Core Modules

Sales and Marketing Lead Management, Follow Ups & call Log. Quotation, Sales Pricing, Sales Payments, Won Projects, Invoices, SMS, Email & Whatsapp Integration.

Projects Project Dashboard, Customer Data & Documents, Quotations and Invoices, Designs and Drawings, Site Visits, Project Expenses, Project Site Planning Calendar.

Production Production Plan, Production Teams, Production Status of Projects, Quotation to BOQs, Cutting List.

Finance and Accounting Sales & Purchase Invoices and Payments, Debit and Credit Notes, Taxes, Customer and Vendor Statements, Financial Reports, Double Entry Accounting. Bank Accounts, Payroll Accounting.

Inventory Management Item Master, Vendor wise Purchase Price, Warehouse Management, PO, GRN, Vendor Invoices, Stock Transfer, Stock Report, BOQ to Issue.

HR & Payroll Employee Master, Employee Self Service Requests, Salary Advances, Loans and Fines, Leaves, Reimbursements. Reporting Structure, Attendance, Multi Branch Holiday Calendar, Salary & Incentives, User Admin, Resource Allocation.

Additional Modules and Features

Fleet Management Vehicles, Drivers, Vehicle Allocation, Trip Logs, Fuel Logs, Reports.

After Sales Service Free and paid service, service alerts, payment collection etc.

Customer Portal Portal for customer to login and view their project information, quotations, designs and drawings, payments. Provide approvals etc.

Email Integration Integrate email with existing email service or custom email server provided by blueferns. Access email directly from ERP.

SMS and Whatsapp Integration Send SMS and Whatsapp messages to customers and employees with last project updates, salary payout and request approval alerts.

Custom Excel Reports Custom excel reports for uploading to 3rd party applications such as Bank Portals for automatica Payment creation or WPS Reports etc.

Google Maps Integration Google maps integration for distance calculation used in trip distance, travel allowance reimbursement distance.

Features and Highlights

Secure Web Application Restrict access by IP / VPN. User exceptions for outside access.

Lite Web Apps Lite apps for outside access for project site team leads, service executives...

Custom Dashboards Detailed and customized dashboards for each role.

Performance Reports Employee performance/incentive reports for each job role.

Role Access Configuration Control software access by role, grant or revoke access quickly.

Complete Solution Contains all functionalities and reports for interior design industry out of the box.

Customizable Any custom features unique to your organization implemented in ERP.

Widgets Collection More than 200+ widgets to choose from across the system.

Project objective

The primary goal of implementing Blueferns ERP solution within our interior design firm is to comprehensively modernize and streamline our operations. Our objectives include:

  1. Automation of Interior Design Operations: To introduce automation across all facets of our interior design projects, enabling greater efficiency and accuracy in project management.

  2. Efficient Data Management: To centralize customer data, effectively monitor lead statuses, and meticulously track the progress of both ongoing and completed projects.

  3. Project Progress Tracking: To implement a robust system for monitoring project progress, adhering to timelines, and managing various due dates, ensuring projects stay on schedule.

  4. Expense Tracking: To establish a reliable framework for tracking project expenses, facilitating better financial control and cost analysis.

  5. Inventory and Stock Management: To efficiently manage inventory, purchases, and stock levels, optimizing resource allocation and reducing wastage.

  6. Employee Management: To streamline employee management processes, including payment management, vacation tracking, and request handling, promoting a more organized and productive work environment.

  7. Financial Oversight: To gain a comprehensive view of company finances, encompassing accounts management, payroll processing, and financial analysis, ultimately ensuring fiscal health and growth.

In summary, our objective is to implement Blueferns ERP as a holistic solution that revolutionizes our interior design operations, enhances customer management, facilitates efficient project tracking, optimizes resource allocation, and ensures sound financial management. This implementation will position us for greater success and competitiveness in the interior design industry.


  1. Quotation Preparation Efficiency

    • Quotations can be generated 10 times faster than using manual Excel methods.
    • This advantage significantly reduces the time spent on administrative tasks, allowing interior designers to focus more on creative aspects and client interactions.
    • Errors and inconsistencies in quotations are minimized, leading to greater customer satisfaction and increased competitiveness in the market.
  2. Streamlined Interior Design Workflow

    • The Interior ERP optimizes the design workflow by centralizing project information and communication.
    • It facilitates better collaboration among team members, clients, and suppliers.
    • Timelines are managed more effectively, ensuring projects stay on track and within budget.
    • The result is a smoother, more organized design process, from concept to completion.
  3. Geo-Sensing for Site Worker Attendance

    • The mobile app with GEO Sensing enhances project supervision and accountability.
    • Accurate attendance tracking reduces disputes and payroll discrepancies.
    • Real-time location data ensures that site workers are at the right place at the right time, improving project efficiency.
    • Enhanced safety measures can be implemented, as workers' whereabouts are continuously monitored.
  4. Customized ERP for the Interior Design Industry

    • This tailored ERP system aligns perfectly with the specific needs of interior designers.
    • It offers modules and features designed exclusively for interior design projects.
    • The result is increased efficiency, as the software adapts to your industry's unique requirements, eliminating unnecessary features common in generic ERPs.
    • Customization ensures that the ERP serves as a strategic tool for business growth.