Edunetics School Management Software

Edunetics is mainly designed for School, Colleges and institutions. For any educational organization Edunetics is the best choice for them due to the extensive features and functionalities.

          Easy to use

Edunetics is easy to use and all the features are included in the software making it easy for the user to use the software in a better way.
Edunetics is secure to use and all the data in the software is fully protected.


          In mobile platforms

Edunetics is also available in several mobile platforms like iPhone, iPad, Android etc.This app for windows is in development.

           Language Support

Edunetics is supported with different languages and user can switch on to different languages.


          Daily Updates

Edunetics is integrated with notification management so that all the updates will be shown to the users.

           Evaluation Scheme

Edunetics software is included with CCE (Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation)as per CBSE guidelines which includes CCE report card to evaluate the performance of each student.



Edunetics comes up with attendance in batch wise, month wise, student wise, date wise.

          Student performance

Each student's performance can be analyzed from various exam results and through CCE reports. So this great feature is included in the edunetics software.